Web applications and Telegram bots

We can create different products but let’s begin with main question - do you need web app or website?

Maybe you need Telegram bot?
We can do whatever you want!


What we exactly do

We definitely should specify it here

But if you have a need of something special? Because sometimes it’s hard to put our wishes into frames!
Just write us and together we can discuss other options.

web design
Website development

We make them good

Give them money
graphic design
Telegram bots

They do what you want

Give them money!
Web applications

Big ones and small as wellGive them money!

We have already done

  • All
  • Websites
  • Bots
  • WebApps
Let’s tell about the way we do.

We are open people so it’s common thing to keep you informed well, but without annoying details. Our job is to make you keep working with us and recommend us to your friends! So here are the «fantastic four» stages of our projects:

You tell us about your task/project. After we discuss it all, make some corrections and perfect options. At the end we estimate the cost.

Additionally - there will be no issues with deadlines - we plan our time precisely.

What about payment?

Working directly with prepay in 30% or by contract at Upwork - both ways are good.

We accept any kind of payment, except of food, humans and products you make.

If you’d like to use cryptocurrency - please feel free to propose.

When we can get results?

We finish the project in time and give it back to you.

It is pleasure to make an explanatory meeting for you and your team. During it we can explain how to use new product and give materials needed.

All details should be discussed at the beginning but you always have 2 chances to make new corrections.

Then we will set all up and check everything together.

But if there would be any bug or need of an addition?

We are supposed to maintain functionality implemented by our team.

Also it would be a joy to discuss next stages of functionality extension.

We will keep in touch during all the time the project exists.

Okay, you got me!

Tell us, what you need

We’ve got your request

and already start making our response!

We definitely understand you

Because already had been working with ambitious projects and still looking for any new one with joy!

We are so glad to have you interested in here. So when new request dropped - we hurry up to see it.

Then studying it precisely and giving the response asap.

Keep in touch!